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Aug 28, 2017 : Paul Catsos will present “Solving the New Hampshire Comp Puzzle” at the Maine Comp Summit 2017 in Rockland, Maine

On August 28, 2017, Paul Catsos will co-present "Solving the New Hampshire Comp Puzzle" at the Maine Comp Summit 2017 in Rockland, Maine. Comp Summit is Maine's annual, system-wide event for the workers' compensation community. The Comp Summit roster this year tiptoes across the border into New Hampshire, with a two-part program designed for adjusters, attorneys, case managers, and others who occasionally handle workers' compensation claims in the Granite State. Paul Catsos, along with co-panelist Tracy McGraw of Getman, Schulthess, Steere & Poulin in Manchester, will discuss the separate responsibilities of employers and carriers for initial claims' handling through identifying and gathering the comp puzzle pieces. They will take a close look at NH Labor Rules 504 and 506, with a specific focus on the process and deadlines for submission of records.

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