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Mar 21, 2016: Sarah Yantakosol Gayer moderated “Know the Ropes: Understanding Distinctions among Foreign Registries When Flagging Your Vessel”

Sarah Yantakosol Gayer moderated "Know The Ropes: Understanding Distinctions Among Foreign Registries When Flagging Your Vessel" in Stamford, Connecticut. This American Bar Association TIPS Admiralty and Maritime Law Committee program, co-sponsored with the Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) U.S.A.'s New England Chapter, explored the legal and practical distinctions between the United States and foreign registries and the particular legal issues a practitioner should consider before recommending a particular registry for a client's vessel. The program was hosted in Stamford, Connecticut and coincided with the commencement of CMA Shipping 2016.

The CLE program can be viewed at Know the Ropes CLE

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