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Aug 29, 2016: Dale Gavin and Paul Catsos presented at Maine’s Annual Comp Summit

Dale Gavin and Paul Catsos presented at Comp Summit, Maine’s annual, system wide event for the workers’ compensation community. Dale Gavin presented on the panel “Reinstatement, reasonable accommodations, and other exposure-limiting tools” which explored how employee and employer representatives may use often-overlooked provisions of the Maine Workers’ Compensation Act that can mitigate the costs of work injuries through a close review of sections 214 and 218 which reveal traps for the unwary and mutual incentives that encourage employees to return to work and employers to put injured employees back on the job and the best practices to follow when an employee receives an offer to return to work or an employee asserts his or her right to reinstatement under section 218. Paul Catsos presented on the panel “Making the Most of Mediation” which explored the legal underpinnings of the workers' compensation system in Maine, how mediation works, how to avoid traps for the unwary, and techniques for building communication and negotiating skills in order to achieve the most from mediation.

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