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Nov 29, 2017: Becky Farnum and Brendan O’Rourke co-presented at the “Construction Law Seminar” sponsored by Halfmoon Education.

Becky Farnum and Brendan O'Rourke co-presented at the "Construction Law Seminar" held in South Portland, Maine. The seminar was offered to architects, engineers, contractors, and developers in Maine, with topics ranging from risk assessment and allocation, construction contracting, and insurance and bonding. Becky and Brendan focused their presentation on the 2017 revisions to the American Institute of Architect's ("AIA") form agreements. The pair discussed the key change made by the AIA drafting committee to the owner-architect and owner-contractor agreements, as well as discussed several provisions of the agreements that remained unchanged, which remain vital to construction project participants' risk mitigation and management.

The pair is slated to present again in March 2018 to discuss "Contracting in Public Projects," which is part of a seminar offered by Halfmoon Education, entitled "Construction Law for Public Projects."

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