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Who We Are

Thompson Bowie & Hatch traces its roots to a three-person insurance defense firm started by Roy Thompson and Jim Bowie in 1978, and today is a mid-sized law firm providing a wide range of litigation-oriented services throughout Northern New England. For almost four decades, we have helped shape the law in Maine. For example, our attorneys helped define both the nature and the burden of proof for punitive damages. We helped establish the limits on emotional distress recovery in claims against attorneys. Our attorneys also outlined the parameters of when liability may be imposed upon franchisors for the acts of their franchisees. In countless cases involving the Maine Tort Claims Act, we have continually reinforced the narrow contours of the Act’s immunity provisions, limiting the liability of governmental entities. Our influence stretches beyond Maine, to and throughout Northern New England. In New Hampshire, our attorneys worked to establish the continuing duty to warn of a product defect.

With our place on the cutting edge of a wide range of legal issues, we continue to be a prominent force in the development of the law in Maine and throughout Northern New England.

Areas of practice:

Our clients benefit from Thompson Bowie & Hatch's decades of experience in several diverse and distinct areas of the law across New England. No matter the issue, our attorneys stand ready to use that know-how to achieve effective and creative legal solutions that provide positive results for our clients.

Meet our Attorneys

"It gives us great satisfaction to assist clients who are in need of reliable advice, practical problem-solving, and professional representation."